Mad Dog

韓劇《Mad Dog》韓語:매드 독),為韓國KBS 2TV於2017年10月11日播出的水木連續劇,由《浪漫小鎮》黃義慶導演執導與金秀珍作家合作打造。此劇講述不同的保險犯罪案件,以揭露韓國社會真實現象的故事。


《Mad Dog》明「瘋狂」開播: 「垃圾情人」劉智泰求轉型!  KBS 2TV新水木劇《Mad Dog》製作發佈會於10日在進行,主演劉智泰、禹棹奐、柳花英、洪秀賢等出席了活動。 劉智泰在劇中扮演太陽生命保險調查組的組長,綽號「瘋狗」。擁有敏銳的洞察力、與眾不同的直覺,是保險詐騙揭發率達99%的保險調查老手。自從因空難 ... 韓星網 (2017/10/10 18:11)

KBS新劇《Mad Dog》公開海報人物照劉智泰領軍&新興演員禹棹奐的崛起~!  實力派的電影咖劉智泰主演,再加上近期因OCN《救救我》而受到關注的禹棹奐,這一齣關於保線犯罪的《Mad Dog》(瘋狗)也是值得一看呢~!(明日開播千萬別錯過~~~). 近日劇組公開了KBS全新水木劇《Mad Dog》的官方海報,主要演員們同框都相當吸引人注意, ... 韓星網 (2017/10/10 11:53)

'Mad Dog' Mattis Champions Openness with Press  “You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it's going to be bad.” CNBC (Dec. 2, 2016) rated that statement as one of Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis' top quotes on leadership and success. O'Dwyer's PR News (2017/10/12 2:51)

'Mad Dog' epitaph rewritten for the screen  Murderous bushranger Dan Morgan, who was also known as “Bill the Native” and “the Sydney Native”, was given another posthumous title when his grave in Wangaratta was marked by a plaque with the moniker “Mad Dog Morgan” some years after the 1976 ... The Australian (2017/10/09 21:53)

“Mad Dog” Cast Enjoy Filming Despite Weather And Character Rivalries In Behind-The-Scenes Stills  “Mad Dog” is about a crack team of insurance fraud investigators whose ruthlessness has earned them the name “Mad Dog Team.” The drama recently dropped a thrilling teaser full of movie-quality action and CGI. Soompi.Display.News.English.300x250. soompi (2017/10/09 5:18)

Watch Mad Dog episodes 1 and 2 (premiere) live online: Early review  Mad Dog is speculated to be very different from the other crime thriller series as it focuses on the various challenges faced by the poor people in the country. In a trailer released by KBS, a person tells a woman that only money can solve her problems. International Business Times, India Edition (2017/10/11 18:44)

Cast Of New Drama “Mad Dog” Sends Chuseok Greetings To Viewers  Ryu Hwa Young, who plays Jang Ha Ri, the only woman on the Mad Dog Team, said, “Chuseok has arrived, the holiday where all of 2017 bears fruit. I want to tell everyone that they worked hard and went through a lot. I hope that only good things befall ... soompi (2017/10/04 11:04)

Southport Mad Dog 10k sells out in TWO HOURS - and crashes ...  Popular race organised by Southport Hesketh Round Table raises huge sums for local charities. Southport Visiter (2017/10/02 17:28)

Watch: New Drama “Mad Dog” Features Movie-Quality Action And CGI In Latest Teaser  The upcoming KBS drama “Mad Dog” recently dropped a teaser trailer featuring movie-quality CGI as buildings crumble and airplanes crash to the ground. Although a drama about a team of insurance fraud investigators doesn't sound like it would contain ... soompi (2017/10/06 10:44)

OLAF'S GREATEST HITS: Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair (2007)  When his autobiography, Mad Dog, was published in 2007, I travelled to Scotland to interview the notorious former UDA paramilitary. Adair met myself and Hot Press photographer Graham Keogh at Glasgow Airport. He had recently lost his license for drink ... (2017/10/09 17:15)